Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blogging Will Resume Soon...

The stomach bug has hit me hard, so I won't be posting for at least a day or so. I hate that it takes me forever to recover anytime I get sick.

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year and here's to healthier and more fit 2009. Check out my new health blog co-authored with Clara from Coming Back to Life at One Weigh at a Time.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Top Ten Thyroid Symptoms Explained

As I mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to expand on the symptoms that signal thyroid disease and my own personal experience in regards to these symptoms. I want to mention that some people may get one or two symptoms. There are those who get a little more. Then there is someone like me who gets a whole slew of them even ones not included in the list. I will address the first five. I will address the last five in my next post.

The first symptom we'll talk about is fatigue. This is a common one, and a lot of times it can be due to lack of sleep, however, those with a thyroid condition don't necessarily have a lack of sleep. They, in fact, can have eight to ten hours of sleep, but still feel like they need more. Some need a nap to get through the day. It is also possible to be hyperthyroid (I'll delve into that at some point in another post) as well as hypothyroid which causes sleep problems.

This was one of the first symptoms to strike me. I was tired all the time. I was working at the time this symptom appeared. I would always complain that I was so tired. My coworkers thought that I was just having 'extracurricular' activities. NO, that wasn't it. I would get plenty of sleep, but I could barely keep awake. Until I was put on medication, I felt almost comatose at times. I was happy that I never fell asleep at the wheel which I felt like doing a LOT. I actually became a bit hyperthyroid, too, and now I'm up until 3 AM some nights. I don't require a nap as much now. I'll get into the reason for that later.

Weight Changes-Those with thyroid disease suddenly gain an excess amount of weight without eating, eating very little, and regardless of exercise (Hypo). Some may eat the same or more, but lose a lot of weight (Hyper).

This was another prevalent symptom for me. I was gaining weight so rapidly and hadn't changed my diet in the slightest. When my ex-husband and I used to work out at the gym everyday, I only lost ONE pound in a month whereas he had lost a few. It's funny how a lot of people who didn't really know my situation, and still don't, said that I would lose weight if only I didn't eat a lot. They never saw me eat. If they did, they would see I ate maybe one, two at the most, meals a day. My current husband used to comment how I would eat like a bird just pecking at things. I get full within five minutes of eating. Then I turn around and get hungry again a few hours later. Though I have the hunger, I don't feel in the mood to eat.

Depression and Anxiety: Depression that doesn't respond to antidepressants can be a sign of thyroid answer.
In my case, I went between being very down, to feeling anxiety about life, to being easily irritated, and back again. The moods changed from day to day. I was going through a separation at the time when I was given a prescription for Zoloft. I knew that depression wasn't the problem. I never got that prescription filled. I'm glad I didn't. I still have my days, but it's much better than before when I hadn't gotten the right diagnosis.

Cholesterol Issues: thyroid disease can cause increase in cholesterol. If it doesn't respond to dieting, medications, exercise, etc., it could indicate a thyroid problem.

I never really had an issue with these, but like I said, symptoms vary from one person to another.

Family History: From the research I did for a paper in my college health class, it was said that they weren't sure if it was genetic. I believe it's more likely to have a thyroid problem if there is a family history.

As far as I know, no one in my family has had a thyroid issue. I have several relatives that I don't know or who have passed long ago that I know no medical history of. I do know I'm the first in my immediate family.

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top Ten Signs That May Signal Thyroid Disease

1. Fatigue
2. Weight Changes
3. Depression and Anxiety
4. Family History
5. Cholesterol Issues
6. Menstrual Irregularities and Fertility Problems
7. Bowel Problems
8. Hair/Skin Changes
9. Neck Discomfort
10. Muscle and Joint Pains, Carpal Tunnel/Tendonitis Problems.

I'll be expanding on these on the next post along with my experiences.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Has Moved

I will still have this thyroid blog, but I want to commit to bringing more thyroid news and not just weight loss news here. So I've moved my weight loss efforts to Diet Is Such A Dirty Word-my new online weight loss journal. Hopefully this will keep me honest as I want to post everyday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #19

You would think after NINETEEN weeks, I'd be further along than this. But no, here I am 'stuck' once again. After the major swelling from last week, I'm just grateful that it's gone down, and the weight is back to normal. I guess you could say that I've been sort of PMSing this week, too, which meant wanting food a lot more than normal, easily stressed, among other things. I've been feeling slightly dizzy these last couple of weeks, too. I'm not sure what is triggering that. I just know that I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being tired really. LOL Anyways, here are this week's results:

This week our contest is sponsored by Tammy! She is offering a copy of Superfoods for the prize for this week! If you’d like to sponser a prize, let me know! We are currently out of prizes!


The names of this week’s “losers” were dropped into a coffee cup and this week’s WINNER is Chris!

Congrats to Clara for being this week’s biggest loser of pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 1 LOSS
Tammy - 1.5 GAIN
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - No Change
Grace - 0.4 GAIN
Leigh - No Change
Clara - 1.5 LOSS
Julie - 0.8 LOSS
Cheryl - no report
Audrey - 2.2 GAIN
Christy - 0.2 LOSS
Tina - 2.0 GAIN
Danielle - no report
Jessie - no report
Steph - no report
CYN - no report

This week’s total - 2.6 GAIN! EGAD!


I'll be posting more thyroid related news/info soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #18

I have no report this week. To be honest, I cannot tell if I've truly loss or gained anything. My body has been swelling up a lot this week. Of course that makes me gain weight instantly. If I were to post the weight, it would not be completely accurate. I would have to wait until the swelling goes down. Earlier in the week, and a little at the tail end of last week, I wasn't feeling very well. My throat felt sore and my body felt different. I wasn't sure if I was going to get a cold or not since both my girls had gotten one. I felt weak and tired, too. My sleep hasn't changed too much since last week which means I'm requiring naps in the daytime. I took a nap yesterday before the kids got home from school. I asked my husband to wake me up at 2:15 PM. He did, and I just couldn't get up. I was SO tired. I stayed in bed and kept on sleeping. He woke me again at about 3:00, at this point I had been napping almost two hours. I still didn't have the energy to get up. I heard my girls come home though and forced myself to get up. I was struggling for a bit.

This is how bad the swelling is this week: one, my feet feel like they're going to burst, two, as I took my girls to school this morning I slipped on my oldest daughter's flip flops quickly. She says to me, "You can't fit those. Your feet are too big. They're all puffy!" I asked, "You can tell they're swollen?" She said, "Yes." My girls have never really understood, until now i think, that my body really does swell up when I say it does. LOL This kind of swelling happens once a month, and I don't have a cycle as I had surgery to stop them, it also happens if I'm not well rested or if I get sick. Anytime I have a cold or flu, I swell up. When I had my fall down the stairs in my house earlier this year, my body swelled up. As a matter of fact, my right shin, still has a dent that looks bruised. If anyone bumps into it, it still hurts. This accident happen several months ago. Doctor said it would heal up in two months, it's probably been more like seven or so, and it's not completely healed. I tell you, I love thyroid/autoimmune disease! LOL

I'm hoping that the swelling will start to go down this week. Sometimes it will take a week, sometimes two. I want to be able to report something next week, whether it be a loss or a gain, but an accurate one.


This week our contest is sponsored by Christy! She is offering an Earth Theraputics Foot Care set for the prize for this week! If you’d like to sponser a prize, let me know! We are currently out of prizes!

The names of this week’s “losers” were dropped into a coffee cup and this week’s WINNER is Tammy!

Congrats to Christy for being this week’s biggest loser of 3 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 1 GAIN
Tammy - 1.0 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - No Report
Grace - 1.1 LOSS
Leigh - 0.5 LOSS
Clara - 2.0 GAIN
Dette - 0.5 GAIN
Julie - 1.4 GAIN
Cheryl - No Report
Audrey - 0.8 LOSS
Christy - 3.0 LOSS
Tina - No Report
Danielle - 2.0 LOSS
Jessie - No Report
Steph - No Report
CYN - No Change

This week’s total - 3.5 LOSS!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FYI: Thyroid Cancer

Last month was Thyroid Cancer Awareness month and would you know that I forgot write a post. Never fear. It's not too late to let you in on some interesting thyroid facts and how you can do a thyroid check at home. Here is some information I have gotten from a thyroid newsletter written by Mary Shomon at

The American Cancer Society estimates that 37,340 new cases of thyroid cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year, most of them in women.

An estimated 1,590 people will die of thyroid cancer during 2008. Thyroid cancer is, however, considered one of the least deadly and most survivable cancers, and 5-year survival rates for thyroid cancer is almost 97%.

Thyroid cancer is more common in younger people, and nearly two-thirds of those diagnosed with thyroid cancer are between the ages of 20 and 55.

Thyroid cancer is one of the few cancers on the rise in recent years, with a growth rate of about 6% a year since 1997. Many experts believe that the increase is primarily due to greater use of thyroid ultrasound, which is better able to detect previously malignant thyroid nodules that, in the past, likely went undetected.

Here are the steps for doing a thyroid self-check: **important note: This will not rule out thyroid disease or thyroid cancer. For accurate diagnosis, please see your physician**

1. Stand in front of a mirror

2. Stretch neck back

3. Swallow water

4. Look for enlargement in neck (below the Adam's Apple, above the collar bone)

5. Feel area to confirm enlargement or bump

6. If any problem is detected, see a doctor

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #17

Well, I haven't gotten the official report from Leigh yet in regards to everyone's weekly weigh in, but I thought I would go ahead and post my own right now and add the rest when available.

This week I am down one pound! Do you know what this means? This means that I am finally at my mini goal of being 210! W00t! Woot! Holla! It's amazing that I lost weight without exercising, but I'm going to chalk it up to my eating habits. I really don't eat a lot of junk food anymore. Every once in awhile I do get cravings, and I'll satisfy them. I just don't go overboard.

I really need to get back into my exercise groove. I didn't do any this week with the exception of when the family and I went out for a day of bowling. Later that night my legs were killing me. That always happens if I'm doing more activity than normal. When I was a keno runner in vegas, I would go to break, sit down to have my meal, then when it was time to go back, I'd have problems getting up. My legs were both numb and sore. Never thought that could be possible, did you? My legs never did this, nor the rest of my body, until I got Hashimoto's. To this day, no matter what I do in regards to physical activity, this is how my body reacts. I'm o.k. with it now. It used to be really bad until my medications got changed. It's a lot more manageable.

One thing that's been going on lately, and probably the reason I haven't been exercising, is that I'm having trouble sleeping again. I am going to bed at around 3 AM every night. Then I'm up early to get the kids off to school. If I can get a good solid eight hours, I can usually function well through the day. If I'm sleeping like I've been, I require a nap during the day which I really hate to do. Hopefully I can get myself on a schedule of some sort. It's probably the only way to deal with this.

***Edit***This week our contest is sponsored by Julie! She is offering a copy of the Biggest Loser Cookbook as a prize this week! If you’d like to sponser a prize, let me know! We are currently out of prizes!

The names of this week’s “losers” were dropped into a coffee cup and this week’s WINNER is Grace!

Congrats to Clara for being this week’s biggest loser of 2 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 3.5 GAIN
Tammy - 0.5 GAIN
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1.0 LOSS
Grace - 0.2 LOSS
Leigh - 0.5 LOSS
Clara - 2.0 LOSS
Dette - 0.5 LOSS
Julie - 1.0 LOSS
Cheryl - No Change
Audrey - 0.8 GAIN
Christy - 0.6 GAIN
Tina - no report
Danielle - 1.0 LOSS
Jessie - No Change
Steph - no report
CYN - no report

This week’s total - 0.8 LOSS!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Signs of A Stroke

Every once in awhile, my husband's work sends out a health newsletter. There have been some really great tips in it. This month's issue has something that I think is important to get out there...the warning signs of a stroke.

Symptoms of Stroke:

*Sudden confusion or trouble speaking
*Numbness or weakness of the face, arms, legs, especially on one side.
*Sudden trouble seeing
*Sudden trouble walking
*Dizziness or loss of balance
* Severe headache with no known cause.

A stroke is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. If you know the signs, you can act immediately. Getting help quickly can save brain tissue and decrease long-term damage.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #16

I was slow in reporting in and look what was offered as a prize! Darn it. Oh, well. I guess my prize is that I'm still down just the one pound I was down after last Monday's official weigh in.

This week our contest is sponsored by Clara who writes the Coming Back to Life! She is offering a hand made tote as a prize this week! Here is a picture! Oh it is SOOO cute and perfect for fall!


The names of this week’s “losers” were dropped into a coffee cup and this week’s WINNER is Julie!

Congrats to Grace for being this week’s biggest loser of 3.2 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 2 LOSS
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 LOSS
Grace - 3.2 LOSS
Leigh - 2.5 GAIN
Clara - 2.5 GAIN
Dette - 1.0 GAIN
Julie - 0.6 LOSS
Cheryl - NO CHANGE
Audrey - no report
Christy - 2.4 LOSS
Tina - 1.4 GAIN
Danielle - NO CHANGE
Jessie - NO CHANGE
Steph - no report

And welcome back CYN who is reporting no change this week.

This week’s total - 0.8 LOSS! (not the right total...will have to insert that later since I just posted my weight loss and waiting on a couple of others)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #15

Can you believe it's week 15 already? I should have lost ten pounds by now! LOL Oh, least I lost the one pound I gain last week. You want to hear something exciting? Since I've been back down to 212.0 for the last few days, I kept wondering to myself WHEN will I finally get to the 211 mark. I have to wonder no longer, because when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was 211.2. Yeah, baby! Do you know what this means? I'm finally on my way to my first 'small' goal of weighing 210. It just sucks that it took me this long. Did I mention this was without exercise? Can you imagine if I did EXERCISE? I'd probably kick serious butt. LOL

Anyways, I offered to make the prize for this week and have finished it. I will put a pic up later to show Danielle what she has won this week. :)

Here it is: It's just a simple bracelet (I'm an amateur in this jewelry making thing lol, and I didn't want Leigh to have to come up with the prizes every week). I chose the charm "believe" because I 'believe' in everyone to beat the weight loss battle, and isn't it nice to have something to remind you that if you 'believe' in yourself anything is possible? :)


Last week we continued the contest where everyone who reported a LOSS had their name added to a drawing for a lot of 100 Mary Kay samples! The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is Danielle">Danielle!
This week our contest is sponsored by Ciara who writes the Life'">Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog! She is offering a hand made bracelet as a prize this week!
And check it out! We had an over all loss again this week (barely, but it's still a loss)! Congrats to Clara">Clara for being this week's biggest loser of 2.5 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!
Chris">Chris - 1 loss
Tammy">Tammy - 1 gain
Life'">Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 loss
Grace">Grace - 2.2 gain
Leigh">Leigh - 1 gain
Clara">Clara - 2.5 loss
Dette">Dette - no change
Julie">Julie - 1.4 gain
Cheryl">Cheryl - no report
Audrey">Audrey - 2.4 loss
Christy">Christy - 3.2 gain
Tina">Tina - no report
> Danielle- 2 loss
Jessie">Jessie - no change">Steph - no report
This week's total - 0.1 LOSS!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #14

Don't know what it is, but I've been requiring naps daily these last couple of weeks. It's becoming a bother. I gained, but I expected that with all the sleeping I've been doing. Took my hip hop dance class last night. Now my instructor wants the class to perform at the school's carnival next month. Oy vey! I'd better work out a little harder this time. I don't think people want to see a fatty dancing on stage. LOL

The names of this week’s “losers” were dropped into a coffee cup and this week’s WINNER is Dette!

And check it out! We had an over all loss again this week! Congrats to Grace for being this week’s biggest loser of 3.8 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 1 LOSS
Tammy - 0.5 GAIN
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 GAIN *sigh*
Grace - 3.8 LOSS
Leigh - 0.5 LOSS
Clara - No Change
Dette - 1.5 LOSS
Julie - No Change
Cheryl - No Change
Audrey - no report
Christy - 1.4 LOSS
Tina - 0.5 GAIN
Danielle - No Change
Jessie - 3 GAIN
Steph - no report

This week’s total - 4.2 LOSS!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #13

I didn't lose much this week, but of course I've been super rundown, too. I really have no excuses. I should force myself to exercise or I'll never exercise. The heat has been killer here so that did cause some swelling when I was out in it the other day. Thankfully it wasn't too bad though!

Anyways, how exciting is it to log in this morning and see that I won the first contest. I LOVE makeup. LOL I'm hoping maybe I can find something to contribute to our contest prizes. I'll have to see what I can find. :)


Last week we announced a contest where everyone who reported a LOSS had their name added to a drawing for a lot of 100 Mary Kay samples! The motivation worked! Nearly everyone reported a loss this week. So we will have the same contest this week. Just remember that maintaining doesn't count, sorry!

The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is Ciara!

And check it out! We had an over all loss again this week! Congrats to Cheryl for being this week's biggest loser of 4 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!

Chris - 4 GAIN
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 0.4 LOSS
Grace - no report
Leigh - 2.0 LOSS
Clara - no report
Dette - 0.5 LOSS
Julie - 0.8 LOSS
Cheryl - 4 LOSS
Audrey - 0 CHANGE
Christy - 1.6 LOSS
Tina - 1.4 LOSS
Danielle - 1 LOSS
Jessie - no report

And please give a warm welcome to Steph who lost 2 pounds this last week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #12

Well, looks like some of us did pretty good this week. Way to go ladies! As for me, I'm just glad I didn't retain more than that. I realized last week that I didn't mention why there was no change. If you look at the post below this one, you'll see why. There was no way to get an accurate weigh in until after all the infection, and medication for it,was out of my system. It's funny how every time something happens to my body, I swell up (including the fall that I mention in the previous post). O.K., no more excuses now. It's time for me to start over and MEAN it.

This week we are adding a contest! It seems we all need motivation after all. So, for everyone who reports a LOSS (maintaining doesn't count, sorry!) on the next weigh in will have their name put in a drawing for 100 assorted Mary Kay samples! So drink your water and count your calories. We can all do this!

And check it out! We had an over all loss! Congrats to Christy for being this week's biggest loser of 5 pounds!!

Chris - 3.2 LOSS
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 0.4 GAIN
Grace - 0.4 LOSS
Leigh - 0.5 GAIN
Clara - 0.5 GAIN
Dette - no report
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 0 CHANGE
Audrey - 2 GAIN
Christy - 5 LOSS
Tina - 1 LOSS (from last week)

Jessie - 0 CHANGE
Danielle - 2 LOSS

This week's total - 9.0 LOSS!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Funny What Kind of Things Affect Your Weight Loss

I just realized that on my last Taking It Off Together post, I didn't mention that I did have a change in weight, but because different things were affecting my body, I could not get an accurate result. Here's the deal:

Since I have an autoimmune disease, anytime I get sick, whether it's a cold, UTI, or whatever, it usually hits me harder and longer than someone without one. I'm not sure if this happens to everyone with an autoimmune disease, but this is how it affects me. For example, if I get the flu, it will take me two weeks to recover instead of just one. I still have a bruised area on my leg from the fall I had SEVERAL months ago. I was told that my bruising would heal in about 2 months, it's now 6 months and still not completely healed. I'm sure you get the idea.

So, with the medication and the UTI, my weight was fluctuating a LOT. Then it started to keep going up and up. It went up as much as FOUR pounds in one week. I was suffering from lots of myxedema swelling thanks to the UTI and meds. Soon as I started to recover, I finally went back down and lost all those four pounds. Well, almost all of it. Stay tuned for tomorrow's weigh in.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #11

This past week, actually almost two weeks, has been pretty rough on me. I was getting pretty lethargic. It was so bad that I was taking naps almost everyday. It's unusual for me to take a nap more than once a week since adding the Cytomel last year.

A few days ago I was trying to read a new magazine I received in the mail, and right in the middle, I started dozing off. I was reading, I was sitting upright, but it was almost like being someone narcoleptic. I had ZERO energy which meant no working out. I couldn't understand. I figured it was just that one time a month or every couple of months that I get a little rundown, but this was ridiculous.

One morning I had to go to the bathroom. It kind of burned. It wasn't that intense, but as the day progressed, I was going to the bathroom every five minutes to empty my bladder with very little coming out, a whole lot of pain and increase in blood. I had a nasty UTI. It was kicking my butt: hard.

Luckily, when I called for an appointment so I could get some type of antibiotics, they directed me to the advice nurse and said that they would just start me on the antibiotics. I was glad for that, because if it's not necessary, then why do it.

What's weird is how my body reacted to having this infection. I was retaining water or something, because my body was swelling. Every time I swell, I can feel it in my hands and feet...almost like my skin was too tight for my body (if that makes sense).

I picked up my antibiotics within an hour of calling them, and also picked up AZO pain reliever that's made especially for that specific pain. I took it, and the pain was gone. The antibiotics help me to swell a bit, too. It's weird, because those types of medications never made me do that before thyroid. It also made me a little dizzy, but I figured I could handle that in light of the fact that it was going to help with the infection.

Ha Ha I guess I just repeated myself as I had posted something similar in the last post to this one. Oh, well.

It seems a lot of us are struggling this week, but I know we can come back and have losses to post next week! :)

Here are this week's results:

Chris - 2 GAIN
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 0 CHANGE
Grace - no report yet
Leigh - 3.5 GAIN
Clara - 4 LOSS
Dette - 2 GAIN
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 0 CHANGE
Audrey - 2 LOSS
Christy - 2 GAIN
Tina - no report yet
Danielle - 0 CHANGE
Jessie - 0 CHANGE

This week's total - 2.3 GAIN!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taking a Break, Be Back Shortly....

I have been slacking a bit with my thyroid and health posts. I have some in the works, but I've been extremely busy. I will have a couple of posts coming soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

UTI's Are No Fun

All this last week I thought I was going through one of my thyroid phases where I just get run down for about a week. I had been feeling nauseated, was tired all the time, and then a sharp pain was in my stomach last night. This morning I feel a funny sensation when I urinate. Funny in a way that was uncomfortable.

The first time or two it was just terrible to go to the bathroom. Then I started needing to go about every five minutes. All of a sudden, there was blood in the urine. I called for an appointment, but they had me speak to the advice nurse. It really is quite convenient when you are basically just going to be put on antibiotics anyways. I was told it could take up to four hours to get my medication, and by that time, the pharmacy would be closed since it was already after 3 p.m. (pharmacy closed at 6 p.m.).

The nurse told me about some OTC drugs to help with the urinary tract infection symptoms (the pain, the urge, the pressure). They were Azo and Uristat. I HAD to get something. I couldn't keep going to the bathroom every five minutes.

I decided that I would go into town and at least get the pain med. I figured that I would call and maybe, by some miracle, it would be filled (it had only been an hour). Low and behold, it was! I also lucked out in finding Azo was sold there, too, which was great because I didn't want to make several stops. The Azo worked great with the exception of some pressure when I actually go. At least I'm not going every five minutes now. There is only one problem with Azo though. You have to make sure that when you're using the bathroom not to get any urine on clothes as it turns it orange and will stain.

It's bad enough that the thyroid slows me down some days, but when I get sick or infections of any kind, it takes me longer than a normal person to recover. I still have a lump in my right shin from my fall several months ago. At least it doesn't hurt anymore when you press it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #10

This week has been terrible for me. It's been ridiculously hot a couple of days, and I drank more soda than normal, too, which meant EXTREME swelling. I think the reason I was able to lose so much before was because I was drinking way more water and not going outside. It's very strange how I instantly swell up and feel sick if I'm in the heat for more than 30 minutes. I have never done that before until the thyroid issues kicked in. I also admit to being so physically drained from all this that I hadn't exercised a majority of the week! Exercise is a BIG must for me in my weight loss efforts. For anyone with a thyroid condition really.

Here are the results for this week:

Chris - 1 GAIN
Tammy - 0 CHANGE
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 GAIN
Grace - 0 CHANGE
Leigh - 0.5 GAIN
Clara - 1.5 LOSS
Dette - 0 CHANGE
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 2 GAIN
Audrey - 1 GAIN
Christy - 1.2 LOSS
Tina - no report?
Danielle - 1 LOSS

Please help us welcome Jessie to the group with an inital report of 0 change!

This week's total - 1.6 GAIN!

I know a few of us gained, but I know how we determined we are, and we'll have it back off. I just need to kick my arse in high gear! LOL :) Favorite weight loss tips: LOTS of water! It really does help. If you can exercise at least 15-20 minutes a day to get your heart rate up is good, too. I do this 15 min. one mile walk dvd...Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone. You walk in place, but the way you do it gets you to that one mile mark faster.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Photo Weight Loss Journal-Picture 1

Time for another pic. I decided I would put up another photo each time I lost TEN pounds. Remember this photo from Yosemite? If you 'click to biggefy', you can see my stomach shape. Ewww. LOL

Here I am about ten pounds lighter. Why is it when women lose weight it always shows right around the waist first, but nowhere else? I lost about 2-3 inches in waist size, but only one in the hips, arms, and not-so-sure about the thighs. All I know is that since I've made more of an effort with exercise the last two weeks, and it's paying off a little. I also truly believe that starting the Cytomel helped me in the weight loss effort. With just the Levothroid alone, I wasn't able to lose and was needing three hour naps!

Crikey! I'm a bit lumpy. LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #9

I thought I would be down a bit more this week, but it's been a week of PMSing and bloating! LOL I had surgery awhile back to stop my cycle, unfortunately, it doesn't stop the regular changes I get to my body during that time. I'm o.k. with it though. A .6 lb loss is better than nothing. :) Now I'm off to visit everyone else. :)

Here are the reports for this week.

Chris - no report
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - .6 LOSS
Grace - 1.4 LOSS
Leigh - 5.5 LOSS
Clara - 2 LOSS
Dette - 1 GAIN
Julie - 0 CHANGE
Cheryl - 4 LOSS
Cyn Blue - no report
Audrey - 0.6 LOSS
Christy - 7.2 LOSS
Tina - 0.5 GAIN

Please welcome Danielle to the group with her starting result of 0 Change!

This week's total - 20.2 LOSS!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #8

I'm getting closer to to my first goal that I set for myself when we first started. If I had taken this more seriously, I should have reached the goal by now or even surpass it. Now it's time to get busy! LOL I am now two pounds away from reaching the first goal of 210.

Here are everyone's results for the week:

Chris - 3 GAIN
Tammy - 0 CHANGE
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 LOSS
Grace - 0.4 LOSS
Leigh - 2.5 GAIN
Clara - 0 CHANGE
Dette - 0.5 LOSS
Julie - 1 LOSS
Cheryl - 0 CHANGE
Cyn Blue -0 CHANGE
Audrey - 5.2 LOSS
Christy - 3 LOSS
Tina - no report

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #7

Well, I've certainly fluctuated a LOT since our start. I'm finally back to where I was right before we started. I wish that I had gotten more aggressive, but I admit to not taking it as seriously as I should. What I have noticed though is that when I'm not keeping my food/exercise journal, I either gain a little or stay the same, when I am keeping track: I lose.

I'm proud of everyone in our weight loss group. Whether we lose, gain, or stay the same, we've all committed ourselves. We also are a great support system. You all keep me honest. In the blogging world it would be easy to lie.

Chris - 2.8 LOSS (-5.8 overall)
Tammy - 2 LOSS (-7 overall)
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog (Ciara)- 2 LOSS (-2 overall)
Grace - 1.6 LOSS (-51.6 overall)
Leigh - 4 LOSS (-31 overall)
Clara - 1 GAIN (-9.5 overall)
Dette - no report...?
Julie - 1 GAIN (-4.1 overall)
Cheryl - 2 GAIN (+2 overall)
Cyn Blue - no report
Audrey - 2.6 GAIN (-0.4 overall)
Christy - 0 (-11 overall)
Tina - 1 GAIN (0 overall)

this week - 4.8 LOSS
over all - 120.4 LOSS

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fat Ticker Friday Finale

Today ends the Summer of Me challenge that was taking place over at Baby Tea Leaves. If I had known the grand prize was going to be a Wii Fit, I would have tried harder. Of course, the prize probably wouldn't do me any good considering I don't own a Wii. LOL But I digress.

I had fun, and this isn't the only blogging weight loss thing I'm involved in. I have some great support with those who are listed in the Weight Loss Blogroll on my sidebar.

When I started the Summer of Me challenge, on the unofficial Fat Ticker Friday start, I was 213. When the official start date came around, I think I was at 215. I had fluctuated so much in that time. I even went up to 218! In about two weeks, I lost the five pounds I had gained since then. I'm back at 213! Yay!

I'm glad I was part of this, and all the others involved have been really great. Keep up the great work!! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #6

When I weighed in yesterday, I was right on the brink of being 214 pounds. Remember when I went to Vegas I had gained four pounds, but lost two by the last weigh in?? So today is good news for me. I weighed myself this morning, as I do every morning, and I'm officially back to 214. So while yesterday I was only at a ONE pound loss, today I'm at TWO. Yee Haw! LOL

I have to admit that I have not exercised since I've been home, but I have just cut down the amount of calories I took in: 1200. It's been kind of hard. It's amazing what kind of willpower I have when I really want to do something. I tried to do the cold turkey route with the sodas, but I can't. What I have been able to do though is limit myself to one can per day. I drink half in the late morning/early afternoon and the other half at night. The rest of the day is all water.

I have been pretty hungry cutting down. With thyroid disease, I have to or I won't lose any weight. My metabolism is pretty much non-existent. It's funny, I've always gotten full relatively fast since my thyroid problems started, but even more so now. I figure I could probably really be losing more than this if I started exercising again. Now I just gotta stop being lazy! LOL

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you with all your support and encouragement. It's helping more than you know (especially when I hear about the weight loss because it makes me determined to lose as much, too).

Here are the reports for this week:

Chris - 1 GAIN
Tammy - 1 LOSS
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 LOSS
Grace - 1.4 GAIN
Leigh - 0.5 GAIN
Clara - 0.5 LOSS
Dette - -1.5 LOSS
Julie - 2.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 1 GAIN
Cyn Blue - 0 CHANGE
Audrey - On VACATION
Christy - 8 LOSS!! You go girl!

Welcome new member Tina with a 1 pound loss!

Total : 11.3 LOSS WOOT!!

UPDATE: To our new member would be nice if you posted your results on your blog. I want to be able to check in on you and give you encouragement. :) I also realize my post may be confusing. When I gave Leigh my weigh in I only was down ONE pound....but today, when I weighed in before posting, I was down TWO. (yesterday: 215 today:214)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Addiction

Not only have I been doing Take It Off Together Tuesdays, I've also been doing Summer of Me (Fat Ticker Fridays) at Baby Tea Leaves. Every Friday we check in with our weights, and if we're lucky we can win a prize for the week. So far I haven't won any, but that's o.k. LOL This week Christine at Baby Tea Leaves asked us to make a post with this:

-I'd have no problem losing weight (or keeping it off) if it weren't for ___________. (Fill in the blank--and it can be serious or not so serious, you decide!).

So here's my story. I'd have no problem losing weight (or keeping it off) if it weren't for my addiction to Coca-Cola. It's my one vice, weakness, call it what you will. It is my crack. LOL I've tried going cold turkey many times only to be wanting it so bad I can taste it. Funny thing is though, if I order a coke while I'm out, I NEVER finish it now. It's obviously a waste of money. I don't even finish the entire can that I limit myself per day. It doesn't even taste as good as it used to, but for some reason, I'm finding it very difficult to give it up. Could it be subconscious? Is it just that my body is so used to all the sugar and caffeine from it? I'm trying to taper off this time in hopes that I can get down to just one PER WEEK. Hey, I think I like it too much to give it up. LOL As for diet sodas, just can't drink them. Anything with artificial sweeteners makes me dizzy and my stomach sick.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #5

This week has been rather rough on me. I went to Vegas on Sunday and came back on Wednesday. My whole time in Vegas was filled with eating a bunch of crap, drinking too many sodas, swelling up from the combination of soda, heat, and stress created by my ex husband. Yesterday, we headed out to the beach/boardwalk in Santa Cruz where I ate more crap, consumed more soda, and swelled up again after it was slowly going down. Hey, I guess I should be grateful that the gain was only 2 pounds, and that I didn't have to report the FOUR pounds gain I had right after I came back from Vegas. LOL

OK, now that I'm back, I should try to get on track. There's a 5k & 10k fun run & walk coming up in September, and I'd like to attempt the 5k walk. I'm going to have to start training/walking more, because just walking around yesterday for several hours has my heels hurting (which I usually get anyways), a backache which makes me want to walk hunched over (but I'm not), and just general soreness. Of course these are the things I deal with anytime I do anything past my normal physical activity level. With thyroid disease, I get sore very easily. When I was still working, I would go on my breaks and afterwards would find it very hard to stand up because everything HURT. But I figure, if I keep working on things and lose weight, maybe it won't be so bad. That's why I'm glad I'm doing this meme. It really does help with all of your support. So, without further adieu:

Here are the reports for this week:

Chris - 2 LOSS
Tammy - 2 GAIN
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 2 GAIN
Grace - 4.6 LOSS
Leigh - 1 GAIN
Clara - 2 LOSS
Dette - 1 LOSS
Julie - 0.8 LOSS
Cheryl - 1 LOSS
Cyn Blue - no report?
Audrey - 3 LOSS

Everone help us welcome our 12th member Christy with a 3 LOSS!!

Total : 11.68 LOSS

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Heading Out....

to Vegas. I'll be back soon.

Friday, July 4, 2008

TSH Results

As promised, my TSH results. You can see that my last one was taken on 6/13/08. My TSH is .7. What's interesting to note here is the unsteadiness of my levels. I have not been able to get regulated. I think there's a combination factor for that. One, is that at first I wasn't getting enough medication. It started to change, as you can see by the decrease, with the Cytomel. Second, the fact that sometimes I forget to take my meds on a regular schedule. For all I know, I could have accidentally doubled up on the Cytomel. I'm trying to be better about it, but it's not going too well right now. LOL

I feel decent, a bit tired at times, but I'm good. Still losing quite a bit of hair, but that could be because of my thyroid levels right now. I do have some hyperthyroid symptoms. I think I lose way more than the 100 strands they say a normal person would.

I ran out of meds this week and didn't get them ordered until today. The pharmacy in the closest Kaiser doesn't carry my meds. Luckily, there were enough Cytomel to last until I get back from my trip next week. Unfortunately, I have to go without the Levothroid. I'm hoping that I still have some of the lower dosage ones that could get me through until Thursday. Better go scrounge around in my nightstand.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #3

Taking It Off Together Tuesdays has been totally great. I love all the support, and it's always nice to know that we are not alone. So...

Here are the reports for this week (and everyone either lost or stayed the same!):

Chris- 0 change
Tammy- 1 LOSS!
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog Ciara- 0 change
Grace - 0.8 LOSS!
Leigh - 7 LOSS!
Clara - 0.5 LOSS!
Dette - 2.5 LOSS!
Julie - 1 LOSS!

and every one be sure to welcome Cheryl with her first weigh in at 0!

Total 12.8 LOSS! Congratulations!!

For me, I've been struggling with the myxedema all week. The weight has fluctuated anywhere from 214 to 219! I was showing my husband how my socks made imprints into my ankles two days ago. Yesterday I was showing him how the imprints were STILL there! It seems like everything just moves relatively slow when it comes to my body: swelling, healing, etc. I fell down the stairs a few months back in February, and I STILL have a lump in my right shin. It's not as big as it was, but it sure is taking forever to heal.

Last night I've decided I would try to go until Sunday without any soda. Today is Day One, and let me tell you, Coca-Cola is my crack. LOL I was already craving one when I got up this morning!