Thursday, August 2, 2007

Umm...I Don't Think This Is Exactly A Magic Stick

I had a pelvic ultrasound done last Friday. I had this done because I want to get a uterine ablation done. The purpose of this surgery is to stop heavy monthly cycles by ridding of the cycle all together. Here is more information on the procedure: Endometrial Ablation I just wished that they had told me that, not only would this ultrasound consist of outer, but inner ultrasound. What I mean by 'inner' is the 'magic stick' they manage to insert in your hoorah lol You know, like when you have your first ultrasound when you're pregnant?

Anyways, it seems that ever since I had my tubal ligation and my thyroid problems started 8+ years ago my cycle has become ridiculously heavy. It was definitely to the point where I worried about what clothes to wear and if I had enough feminine products on hand (I always bought the max pack). I'm sure this is MORE than anyone EVER wanted to know about me. lol

My OB/GYN called and left a message saying that my ultrasound was fine. She also said that if I still wanted the surgery that I would now need a biopsy. Most doctors will not want to do this procedure without the aforementioned ultrasound and biopsy. I've had a biopsy before, so this should be relatively easy and painless for me. I guess if all goes well they will start me on some kind of medication to thin out the uterine wall (which, by the way, is what thickens up and causes Aunt Flo to visit lol). I was told that between all the tests and such that it would be at least two months before the surgery. Here's hoping that everything goes as plan, because quite frankly, I'm ready. I didn't go into menopause at 40 like my mom, so this is the next best thing.