Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #10

This week has been terrible for me. It's been ridiculously hot a couple of days, and I drank more soda than normal, too, which meant EXTREME swelling. I think the reason I was able to lose so much before was because I was drinking way more water and not going outside. It's very strange how I instantly swell up and feel sick if I'm in the heat for more than 30 minutes. I have never done that before until the thyroid issues kicked in. I also admit to being so physically drained from all this that I hadn't exercised a majority of the week! Exercise is a BIG must for me in my weight loss efforts. For anyone with a thyroid condition really.

Here are the results for this week:

Chris - 1 GAIN
Tammy - 0 CHANGE
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 GAIN
Grace - 0 CHANGE
Leigh - 0.5 GAIN
Clara - 1.5 LOSS
Dette - 0 CHANGE
Julie - 0.2 LOSS
Cheryl - 2 GAIN
Audrey - 1 GAIN
Christy - 1.2 LOSS
Tina - no report?
Danielle - 1 LOSS

Please help us welcome Jessie to the group with an inital report of 0 change!

This week's total - 1.6 GAIN!

I know a few of us gained, but I know how we determined we are, and we'll have it back off. I just need to kick my arse in high gear! LOL :) Favorite weight loss tips: LOTS of water! It really does help. If you can exercise at least 15-20 minutes a day to get your heart rate up is good, too. I do this 15 min. one mile walk dvd...Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone. You walk in place, but the way you do it gets you to that one mile mark faster.


eternal flux said...

We all slacked off this last week. I have got to add excersice to my week!

B Boys Mom said...

I think it was a bad week for many of us. We just need to get back on track this week. I too have to do me excersicing. I just hate it but it does make me feel better. Lot's of water is a big key for me. No soda! I don't really like soda I'm a ice tea girl myself.

Julie said...

I am an ice tea girl too - I wonder if that is bad for me? Anyway ... it's hard to drink lots of water, that is a very good tip though. & I am proud to say I exercised last week :). I do want to go get your walking DVD. It sounds like you must really like it! I need to find something like that.

Chris said...

I think we all should just forget about last week and start fresh next week :) And I do love your drink more water suggestion, it truely does work!

myspoileddogs said...

It's a hard time of year to focus on eating healthy. It seems every weekend there are barbeques!! Keep the focus though and you will lose the weight in time!

I am a soda addict too. I finally decided I had to give it up completely!!! 5 weeks now and no soda at all. I'm also avoiding drinks with added sugar and anything carbonated. I think it's helping. With me it's gotta be all or nothing I think!

ciara said...

thx everyone for giving me encouragement. i've been a total soda fiend this last week and my sleeping habits have changed a bit. i think that has a lot to do w it, too. hopefully, i'll be out of this physical funk soon. :)

Clara said...

I really like your water suggestion. Several years ago I went cold turkey on iced tea. I drank it with no sugar, but the caffeine was killing me. Rather than switching to decaf, I switched to water. I rarely drink anything else. Once you get used to it, it's really easy. Flavored drinks don't satisfy my thirst as well as plain water does.

I also love my Leslie Sansone DVD. I need to start turning it on again!