Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #15

Can you believe it's week 15 already? I should have lost ten pounds by now! LOL Oh, well...at least I lost the one pound I gain last week. You want to hear something exciting? Since I've been back down to 212.0 for the last few days, I kept wondering to myself WHEN will I finally get to the 211 mark. I have to wonder no longer, because when I stepped on the scale this morning, I was 211.2. Yeah, baby! Do you know what this means? I'm finally on my way to my first 'small' goal of weighing 210. It just sucks that it took me this long. Did I mention this was without exercise? Can you imagine if I did EXERCISE? I'd probably kick serious butt. LOL

Anyways, I offered to make the prize for this week and have finished it. I will put a pic up later to show Danielle what she has won this week. :)

Here it is: It's just a simple bracelet (I'm an amateur in this jewelry making thing lol, and I didn't want Leigh to have to come up with the prizes every week). I chose the charm "believe" because I 'believe' in everyone to beat the weight loss battle, and isn't it nice to have something to remind you that if you 'believe' in yourself anything is possible? :)


Last week we continued the contest where everyone who reported a LOSS had their name added to a drawing for a lot of 100 Mary Kay samples! The names of this week's "losers" were dropped into a coffee cup and this week's WINNER is Daniellehttp://alberts-family.blogspot.com/">Danielle!
This week our contest is sponsored by Ciara who writes the Life'http://life-w-hashi.blogspot.com/">Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog! She is offering a hand made bracelet as a prize this week!
And check it out! We had an over all loss again this week (barely, but it's still a loss)! Congrats to Clarahttp://quiltscatsandotherthings.blogspot.com/">Clara for being this week's biggest loser of 2.5 pounds!! Be sure to cruise over to her blog and congratulate her!
Chrishttp://www.loneblackspider.com/">Chris - 1 loss
Tammyhttp://crazymomw4boys.blogspot.com/">Tammy - 1 gain
Life'http://life-w-hashi.blogspot.com/">Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog - 1 loss
Gracehttp://andthisismypart.blogspot.com/">Grace - 2.2 gain
Leighhttp://eternal-flux.com/">Leigh - 1 gain
Clarahttp://quiltscatsandotherthings.blogspot.com/">Clara - 2.5 loss
Dettehttp://muthahoodcrib.com/">Dette - no change
Juliehttp://duvallschafer.blogspot.com/">Julie - 1.4 gain
Cherylhttp://cheryl-journey-of-life.blogspot.com/">Cheryl - no report
Audreyhttp://makethisthelastone.blogspot.com/">Audrey - 2.4 loss
Christyhttp://www.myspoileddogs.blogspot.com/">Christy - 3.2 gain
Tinahttp://mom2boys2008.blogspot.com/">Tina - no report
> Danielle- 2 loss
Jessiehttp://jjjjspot.blogspot.com">Jessie - no change
Stephjeffstephplus5@blogspot.com">Steph - no report
This week's total - 0.1 LOSS!


Julie said...

I am glad you have almost met your small goal. I met mine, but now I am back above it dang it! I know we can do this. At least you are down!! That's great!

Chris said...

Small goals are great. My prob is I always reward myself w/food. whoops ! Congrats and keep loosin'.

Danielle said...

Thank you for the prize!!! I am so excited!!! I just emailed you my address I think? Let me know if you get it!!! YAY!!!

eternal flux said...

Thanks for putting up the prize! You will get there, I know you will. Just don't give up!

MammaDawg said...

Ooh - congrats on getting to 211 - whoohoo!!! All without exercise? WOWzers. :) And that was super sweet of you to sponsor the contest this week - I bet the bracelet is beautiful!!!


Danielle said...

The bracelet it super cute! I will definitely be showing off that beauty!!!