Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #3

Taking It Off Together Tuesdays has been totally great. I love all the support, and it's always nice to know that we are not alone. So...

Here are the reports for this week (and everyone either lost or stayed the same!):

Chris- 0 change
Tammy- 1 LOSS!
Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog Ciara- 0 change
Grace - 0.8 LOSS!
Leigh - 7 LOSS!
Clara - 0.5 LOSS!
Dette - 2.5 LOSS!
Julie - 1 LOSS!

and every one be sure to welcome Cheryl with her first weigh in at 0!

Total 12.8 LOSS! Congratulations!!

For me, I've been struggling with the myxedema all week. The weight has fluctuated anywhere from 214 to 219! I was showing my husband how my socks made imprints into my ankles two days ago. Yesterday I was showing him how the imprints were STILL there! It seems like everything just moves relatively slow when it comes to my body: swelling, healing, etc. I fell down the stairs a few months back in February, and I STILL have a lump in my right shin. It's not as big as it was, but it sure is taking forever to heal.

Last night I've decided I would try to go until Sunday without any soda. Today is Day One, and let me tell you, Coca-Cola is my crack. LOL I was already craving one when I got up this morning!


Clara said...

Congratulations, Ciara, on making thru the week without gaining. Sounds like your body was not on your side. But I am! I'll bet the scales go down next week!

eternal flux said...

maintaining is half the battle!

B Boys Mom said...

Hey 0 is better then a gain. It's a new week start fresh. I'm finding I have to go day to day. Keep working at it and next week you will have a loss.

Chris said...

I am with ya, holding steady and not losin'. It was a hard week for me. Hang in there and lots of veggies, well, at least thats my plan !

Dette said...

Tough week... but you did good without a gain! That's something to celebrate right there :)

Grace said...

Maintaining is better than gaining and sometime the body just needs time to adjust too. I have to admit that you had me laughing with the bit about Coca Cola. Hang in there.

ciara said...

thanks everyone...your support means a lot to me. it really helps through all the frustration. :)

mom2boys said...

Hi! Just wanted to see about joining your weigh loss group and let you know that you are not alone on the Hashimoto's. I was diagnosed three years ago, after the birth of my second child. My doctor has changed my medicine 4 times in the last three years, and I think it is finally regulated (if that is possible) I am not an experienced blogger so not real sure how this works, but let me know about the weigh loss club :)