Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Taking It Off Together Tuesday Week #2

This week has been one of ups and downs, both weight wise and emotionally. I fluctuated a LOT. I was anywhere between 214 and 218 during the week. I had a lot of myxedema ('swelling' which I mentioned in Thyroid Story part 1, and it's something I'll get into more later). It looks like we are doing great ladies. Even if we gain, we know how much we can fluctuate in the weight loss journey. A lot of things affect our weigh-ins, too, such as weighing in after eating, later in the day, drinking too much caffeine (which can cause swelling). It's a roller coaster with many twist and turns, but at the end, you get off feeling good, right??

Now I'm off to visit everyone. :)

Chris - 1.0 loss!
Tammy - 5.0 loss!
Ciara-Life With Hashi-Thyroid Blog -1.0 loss!
Grace - (out of town...I will update when she gets back)Update: .8 loss!
Leigh - 3.0 GAIN! ARG!
Clara - 5.0 loss!
Dette- 0.5 gain
Julie - 0 (first week! Welcome aboard!)


Dette said...

It's true - lots of things to affect our weigh-in's. Doc told me the best time is in the morning, after going potty (sorry - 3 kids) and before breakfast.

While wearing light clothing - like PJ's.

And it's true - morning weigh-in's are always the lowest for me. Here's hoping I have a loss next week instead of a gain. ;)

eternal flux said...

I always weigh in in the mornings and nekkid! But I am bad and I weigh in EVERY day and I know I shouldn't. I'm addicted!

Clara said...

Before joining the group, I weighed in maybe once every 3 or 4 months. I usually forgot to do it first thing so I didn't do it at all. Now I'm sneaking back to about every other day. ARGH!!!

Congrats on your 1 pound lost!

JohannaK said...
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Sue said...

I am going for my thyroid Hashimoto check-up on Thursday. Where can I find info. about what the number ranges for the blood tests? Thanks.

B Boys Mom said...

Great job on the 1 lb loss. Every pound counts. You are so right about going up and down all week. I check my weight in the morning. It seems to be lower. Love that.