Monday, April 28, 2008

Weight Loss Update #2

Time for a weigh-in.

Last weight: 215

Current weight: 217

Gained/Loss: +2

If I could only break my soda addiction I may not be so swollen today. I can literally feel the tightness of skin due to the extra water retention. Now, if I've been having too much caffeine, this is the result. I even had to take my wedding ring off, because it was just too tight. My feet kind of tingle when I walk because of the swelling. I really got to break the caffeine habit! LOL

I also haven't exercised in a couple of weeks. Being sick and the allergies really had me down. I didn't even go to dance fitness class, because my youngest was sick. Heading out to do an errand now, but I think I just need to PUSH myself today to work out.


Akelamalu said...

Thanks honey, you just spurred me on to go do my exercises. I haven't dared weigh in!

eternal flux said...

Don't give up, just remember that every single step you take helps.

Good luck with the soda habit, it was really hard for me, too!

Eternal Flux

G-Man said...

Eat an apple!!
The 'regularity' will drop those 2 pounds!
(drop..get it?)

ciara said...

ake-i STILL haven't exercised :(

eternal-it's hard, but i'm trying

galen-it's WATER retention, dear. lol