Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weight Loss Update #4

I have actually been down to 213 for a bit. But today, as with yesterday, I am once again swollen and retaining stupid water weight. Therefore, I am UP two pounds today. :(

I do know that I will fluctuate. I have been trying to cut the sodas cold turkey with no luck. It is the main reason that I retain water. Very frustrating. I need to just keep drinking actual water to counterbalance I guess.


G-Man said...

Yes Ciara....
Never ever give up on the water...G

Chris said...

I fluctuate the same. One day last week I gained 1.7 lbs. What I know is terrible is that my mood, be it good or bad, is based on the scale each morning. ugh. I have changed to weighing in every other day now. so hang in there, but keep drinking that water. Just remember its just water weight and not actual food weight! XO

KB said...

Ciara - my advice is to to not weigh yourself so often. As ladies, our weight can fluctuate alot over a month. Just a thought hun. Hang in there x