Friday, March 28, 2008

Thyroid's Going A Little Haywire

Haven't really gotten back on my exercise routine since coming back from Yosemite. It's amazing how just a couple of days of vacation can take me an entire week to recover from. I've been exhausted. I've noticed a change in my body, and I'm not quite sure if my TSH levels are going haywire again. I've been trying to take my meds at the same time everyday, but with brain fog, I'm lucky I remember at all. Not only has my need for naps come back, but I've been shedding like a long-haired dog everywhere in the house. Just this morning, I noticed that I had tons of hair on the sheets when I got out out of bed. Not only that, I had tons on my shirt earlier in the day as well. This is how I know that something in my body is not right, and I need to figure out how to get it back on track.

Hopefully, now that Stinky's moved my treadmill out to the garage, I can really get back to my exercise program. It wears me out, but I do feel better. I've also got more room in the office so I can rearrange things to have room for Pilates. And hey, I've kept the weight, that I've lost so far, off.


eternal flux said...

I have cronic fatigue, they've tested everything from diabetes to Thyroid and they can find no physical cause. I'm glad you can at least name yours. :)

Thanks for joining the blog roll.



Pixie said...

I've popped in to say hello and just to let say thank you for stoping by.
I'm sorry that your not feeling well with your thyroid
I've got an under active thyroid, and had a mastectomy. So take meds for both and supplements to keep the oestoeparosis at bay from the cancer busting drugs.
Lets hear it for pilates, every week for four years now. And serious walking, 7 miles twice this week.
Never felt fitter, cancer made me face myself in so many ways that I'd ignored before.Both physical and psyhcological.
Life is seriously good right now, course helps that I have a new relationship, to go alongside everything else.
ooohh seem to have taken over, I'll go back home now!

Akelamalu said...

You're losing your hair? That sounds bad honey.

I have been off work for almost two weeks now and haven't exercised once! :( However I have been busy decorating, cleaning and sorting out cupboards - does that count as exercise? :)