Monday, July 23, 2007

Basal Temperature

I visit a thyroid forum on occasion. I have learned a LOT about thyroid, medications for thyroid, and many other things that most doctors don't tell you. One of the things I've learned is that most people who are hypothyroid have a body temperature of about 97.5 or less. There are some who are skeptical about the whole basal temperature and how it correlates with thyroid issues. Those who trust in it say that they know that their temperature is low when the symptoms arise, and when they feel good, they are on the higher end of temps.

I decided to do my own test of the basal temperature theory. I started to take my temperatures at different intervals of the day. When I was feeling just a smidge unwell my temperature would be under the 97.5. (I wonder what my temperature would have been BEFORE the cytomel.) Anyways, I usually hover between 97.5-97.7 on my good days. Someone in the forum posted that no one should be surprised if it doesn't go over 97.5. One day, I was feeling extremely hot, which is unusual, because most with hypothyroidism are sensitive to cold. I, for one, feel cold when no one else is not. Getting back to when I was feeling sensitive to heat...I decided to take my temperature at this time. Get this, it was 98.6! I felt like I was just so hot and couldn't cool down. Now I know that if i get over 98 degrees, I am feeling like I am in 100+ degree weather.

Some people are skeptical about this whole thing, but as for someone who tested it out, I know I'm a believer.

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