Sunday, August 30, 2009

Generic Cytomel

When I first heard that the FDA approved the generic version of Cytomel, I was a little apprehensive about it. I researched as much as I could online to make some kind of informed decision on whether I wanted to switch or not all to save $10. Now I know $10 dollars might not seem like a big difference, but with the economy being what it is, I do have to try and watch what I spend. I'm sure that people will say, "But that doesn't mean you should play with your health!"

Anyways, armed with what I learned, I decided to make the switch and have been on the generics for two days. What I have noticed that in the last two days, I have been feeling a little more tired than usual. However, I can't decide if that's from the two days on generics or the fact I had to make my Cytomel last for 2 or 3 days while my prescriptions were being filled (also to the doctor closing out my scrips!). I think that for me to really know if the generics are the problem, I'll have to keep using them for awhile.

I've read that one of the generic drug manufacturers, Mylan, is now under an FDA investigation, for poor quality testing. Apparently, workers have been overriding the machines that were warning against some potential potentcy issues. Of course after reading that, I got a little worried. Then I saw someone comment that they were using generics from Paddock LA and didn't seem to have an issue. Yes, I ran and checked my bottle right away! LOL I, too, have generics from Paddock LA. So, now I'm a little less worried about it. But, I do know that if it doesn't work the same for me, I will not hesitate to ask to be put back on brand Cytomel. I just hope with what Kaiser does now with their drugs, give generics in place of brand to cut down their costs, that one, I can still get the brand, and two, that it won't cost me anymore than before.