Friday, November 16, 2007

Health Update

Been suffering from some back pain for about a week now. Not sure what is causing it other than all the weight I'm carrying around. Even though I'm quite heavy, I usually don't experience backaches of this nature.

I did have a Lupron Depot injection a few weeks ago to help with the thinning of my uterine lining, and to help stop the endless bleeding that I from taking the birth control pills they put me on for the same purpose. After a month of bleeding, it finally stopped. I'm wondering if the injection has anything to do with the backaches. I know that bone loss can occur from it, but to what extent? I've just been taking ibuprofen or naproxen when it is at it's worse. I just hope the backaches stop soon.

The ablation surgery is right around the corner. I have the pre-op appointment on the Tuesday, the 20th. That's when they'll tell me what I need to do and take a list of medications, etc. I know that with Cytomel you have to tell doctor or dentist that you're on the medication. Not so for the Levothroid. Not quite sure what they're going to tell me to do. I know without the Cytomel, I'm a lot less functional.

Been struggling with the lack of energy and weight thing again. But then, what is new? I know that I have to try to make some effort to exercise, but it's so difficult when you feel like you have just had every last bit of energy zapped out of you on a daily basis.

I guess I can be grateful that I don't have ALL the symptoms I had back in the early days of my disease. At least I know I won't want to just fall asleep at the wheel.


Smalltown RN said...

you know as much as it is difficult to think about doing excerise...I bet even taking a little walk would make you feel a whole lot better....thanks for visiting my blog....cheers

Bev said...

I admire you for coping with this disease and doing something positive about it by writing about it!

ciara said...

smalltown rn-i know that i do feel good when i do the treadmill. i actually feel more energetic. i'm just gonna have to be forceful w myself...and thanks for stopping by to this blog. not too many do lol

bev-thx, it does help. it can get so frustrating physically and emotionally. and thx for stopping by. :)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

It is better to do YOGA in the leisure time...and take rest in proper way

jack frost said...

Hi its jack frost thanks for your comments on my blog and your support...i read from this that you are having trouble with back pain...I had the same i thought it was a bone was my adrenal gland it was fatigued and needed support….i ate stuff with things like selenium…you know fish Brazil nuts and stuff…there are lots of things you can do but I know that like me you will find out …knowledge is power…it was just a thought pop by every now and then and let me know how you are doing ditto likewise for me…oh and have you seen this site you may be able to give some advise to those on it…check it out. thanks again for the suppot

Jack frost