Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Well, I had gotten a letter in the post on Friday saying that they got my request to see an endocrinologist. It also stated that I had until Monday, the 18th, to submit anything that would help in their decision. I submitted a two page letter with 2 or 3 pages of research as well. I didn't expect to hear from them as quickly. Today I got the call from the endocrinologist's office saying that they got a referral from my doctor. I'm thinking "my doctor?"..."yeah, after I go over her bloody head!" So I have an appointment this Friday morning...FINALLY. I'm just tired of feeling lousy all the time.

To any of you that read my blog, I apologise in advanced for my repetitiveness. One of the things that seems to happen to me with my disease, is the lack of remembering bits of conversation, repeating myself...sometimes I feel like I'm getting Alzheimer's. :/ Anyways, will post on Friday as to outcome of visit to the specialist.

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Queenie said...

Let us know how everything is. Thinking about you.